Monday, 4 July 2011

mari beli kuih raya!!!!

assalamualaikum to all....
dan selamat sejahtera...
seems that ramadhan is very near...
same as last year,  nw im opening the order for raya biscuits..
made by my sister's in laws auntie, i am selling her products throuh the net hehehe..
these are the biscuits that she made, under her own company, Zana biscuit..
here are more...
almond london

coklat chips

cornflake crunch

gajus cashew coklat

coconut orange/ kelapa oren



short bread

tat nenas/ pineapple tart

best price in town...
rm21 per tray of 50 pieces
for kulim area, seberang perai, bukit mertajam, serdang..
you can check her blog at
or you can also contct me at 013-4892921, mr syukor...
or you can also e mail me heheh

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